Magic Tricks for Adults – How to Impress your Partners?

Yes, you heard that right; anyone can perform magic tricks. There are many ways to imitate those magicians with great finesse.

Watching a magic show in total awe is not a new thing. Even after the advent of the internet that helped people decode some famous magic tricks, performing magic is still an art. You are now just one step away from impressing your peers and coming out as a shining magician!

Impressive tricks to try out

That you can definitely pull off!

Instant Frost

Instant Frost

The perfect trick to wow your audience. For this, you need to be prepared earlier by keeping a filled water bottle in the freezer and taking it right before it freezes, approx 2 hours. Now, when you add this cold water (which is normal according to your partner) to a few ice cubes in a bowl, they will be shocked to see a giant frost emerging out of the bowl instead of a pool of molten ice. You can thank science later!

Math Trivia

Math Trivia

Maths is another way by which you can trick your fellow mates. Give this challenge to your partner to think of an equation that uses the same number exactly thrice and yields the sum as 60. And no, three times 20 equalling to 60 is not permissible. Magically enough, math only allows 5+55=60 to be the answer, and none other possibilities would allow that!

The Sucker Card Trick

The Sucker Card Trick

This is an age-old classic trick. Select a safety key card for your deck for this trick, say the Ace of spades. Place it at the bottom of your deck secretly. Cut your deck in half and ask your partner to pick the turned-over card from one of the decks (give them the one without your safety card) without you looking at it. Ask them to memorize it while they keep it back.

Next, place the key deck over the deck your partner just kept their card on. Now, start shelling out individual cards. You can be a little overdramatic and pretend to read their mind. Once you reach the Ace of spades (your key card), without giving them a hint, declare the next card to be theirs and see them go, shocked!

Magic Ring on a String

Brace up to wow your friends. Get yourself a rubber band that you will use as your ‘string’; break it from the end to get a long string. Now, ask anyone to give you their ring. Pass the ‘string’ from their ring hole and tilt your hands in a slanting position. Now, lower and release the hidden part of the rubber string from your bottom hand, and see the frictional tension make your ring go higher on its own!


Most magicians have either performed or layered these simple tricks to create tough ones. Learning them will not be a fuss for you anymore.

Author: Admin Bros