Five Smart Woodworking Ideas For Living Room

Five Smart Woodworking Ideas For Living Room

The living room is a home space devoted to formal or informal gatherings, relaxation, and interactive sessions. As the purpose suggests, a living room should be a cosy and eye-warming area to lounge in your leisure time. Having decorative pieces and stunning artefacts makes the place mesmerising. The feel will be enhanced if those pieces of art are handmade. So, to intensify the magnificence of the area, try out these astonishing woodworking DIY ideas ; You can check out Teds woodworking review for more DIY Ideas.

1. Wood Embroidery

Embroidery on wood with different coloured yarns looks classic and elegant. A piece of wood, in various shapes, decorated with beautiful artistic designs or calligraphy would be a perfect piece to adorn the table in your living room. This small woodwork project has an appealing effect added to it. Sand a wood pallet to even out the texture, stain it and stitch the desired pattern on it and make it a chunk of appreciation for yourself.

2. Floating Wooden Shelves

 Shelves add a statement to the walls and enhance the overall appearance. It increases the space to put decorative pieces there and adds intensity to the whole area. Please take a few wooden planks, sand them, assemble them and finish by attaching them to the empty wall and pleasure your eyes with the wooden aesthete you’ve created.

3. Classic Wooden Chessboard

We all love playing chess with our loved ones, and it can be an excellent start for interaction between professionals or colleagues. Imagine yourself gathered with your family playing chess on a classic piece of handmade wooden chess; doesn’t it sound lavish? Exactly that’s how a statement wooden chessboard can enrich the feel of the recreational activity.

4. Side Table

Usually, a side table serves the purpose of keeping the essential items within a range of a piece of furniture which people use to sit, like a sofa or a couch. Still, we can’t underestimate the decorate your home properties it holds. A magnificent side table enhances the charm of the sitting area. Here, woodworking DIY can enable you to install such a functional yet cosy artefact in your living room. You can work on your imagination, manifest it on a piece of wood, and turn it into a side table reflecting the artistic side of the creator.

5. Redesigning Old Wooden Door

Old wooden door in a living room? It sounds illogical, but woodworking DIY has made it possible. An old wooden door can turn into a statement bulletin board which helps keep track of your daily accomplishments and fulfil your aesthetic pleasure at the same time. Secondly, a wooden door with a few wooden cranks and a big stunning mirror makes it work as a dressing table and the centre of your place’s attraction.

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